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Spiritual Spring Cleaning

It's Time for Another Spiritual House Clearing! March 2019

 The last few months have brought many changes in consciousness to those of us living on our beautiful planet. Many of us are continuing to grow steadily on our spiritual paths; and wonderful things are happening for us. In many cases our lives are so different than they were even a year or two ago, when we had our homes and businesses cleared (and the Magnetic Grid was corrected).

It is always a good idea to have your home or business cleared again for the spiritual maintenance and cleansing it brings. But another reason you should have this done is to redo your Magnetic Grid with your current intentions. Chances are, what you wanted for yourself, your home, and those living there has changed in the last year or two. This should be represented in your new Magnetic Grid. And if you've never had this done; well, it's time (click HERE to order).

The clearing and grid correction is done for the entire property; including land and all buildings on it. I am available to do this for you in person on your property (contact me for a quote based upon square footage), or remotely. Remote Clearings are done from a distance, in my Healing Cottage. I would need a picture of the home or business and the address for a Spiritual Clearing and Magnetic Grid reset.

You should also tell me how you'd like your home or business to feel; or an intention for the property considered when setting your grid. You can order a Remote Spiritual Clearing and Magnetic Grid service for $300 HERE and I will get you on my schedule asap. You need not be home or do anything special while this is being done for you.

Order yours now, or contact me for an in person clearing.

To learn more about Spiritual Healing and Home Clearing click HERE.

May God bless you, your family, and your home,
Cheryl Shotwell
Certified Spiritual Healing Practitioner (Advanced Level)

About Cheryl

Cheryl Shotwell is a full time Certified Spiritual Healing Practitioner at the Advanced Level. Offering: In Person and Remote Spiritual Shamanic Healing Sessions, In Person and Remote Property Spiritual Clearing Appointments, Spiritual Coaching, and more.


But I prayed for it! Why isn't it happening?

January 2019

 Hello, Friends!

I wanted to share a recent question a client asked. She is a beautiful spiritual person who leads a good life. She prays, receives regular healing, and does a lot to further her spiritual growth and gifts. Sounds like most of us, doesn't it?

But she is frustrated because what she is praying for is not happening. She has asked to receive spiritual gifts such as heightened intuition and the ability to "see" things in the spirit world. To have proof that it is all real, that it is all worth it.

I explained my view to her that God doesn't reward people with spiritual gifts and awareness as proof of His existence. That the rewards come to those who have faith in the absence of proof. It's a gift for you for believing in your heart that it IS real. Without evidence. My personal experience has shown me that only when you feel it is worth it without any payoff...that's when the spiritual gifts come.

I have found that it's futile to say, "OK God, give me a sign that this praying and healing path is worth it." I mean you can do that, but do you really feel God is on the hook to you, to respond to your timely demand? I've seen people who did feel that way lose their Divine path because they didn't receive "payment" for their spiritual efforts. It makes me sad but is usually due to their negative human tendencies (ie- ego, etc...c'mon, we all have those) or present consciousness. So keep praying and opening your heart to surrender without question. Keep moving forward!

May God bless you with His beautiful flow of Divine gifts and treasures in all areas of your life. 

Cheryl Shotwell, Ordained Minister and Advanced Level Certified Spiritual Healing Practitioner

Next Step

 Regular Spiritual Healing Sessions can help you cleanse the energy fields. Mind (mental/emotional), Body (physical issues/chakras) and Spirit (blockages, bad luck, karma). Spiritual Healing can also lift the negative chatter and arrogance which is usually interference from the negative. In Person and Remote sessions can be scheduled online now at 


Holiday Happiness

Enjoy a stress free season this year! December 2018

Have realistic expectations

Let's start with Holiday Decorating. For years I've been dreaming of a theme-inspired holiday interior straight out of the pages of a Frontgate catalog.  I patiently stockpiled items for years but the reality is I became overwhelmed with the mish-mash of sale purchases as they didn't really go together. Sigh. So I whittled the inventory down and now have a few fabulous themes we easily store and rotate every year.  

Have the perfect gift ahead of time

And what about the pressure of finding the perfect gifts for everyone? The answer: buy year round.  I always find the best presents when I'm not even looking. If you see an item in a store and think of someone instantly who might like it, just buy it!  It was meant for them. Store it in an airtight bin filled with the perfect gifts you are amassing. Come December, you'll be happy you did. 

Save a stamp. 

Feeling pressured to mail Christmas cards to 100 of your closest friends and coworkers? Fuhgeddaboudit. I mean, it's hard enough to decorate the tree, whirl up a batch of fudge and, oh yeah, continue to work, raise kids, and run a household. Do yourself a favor and release yourself from unrealistic ideologies and pressures.  For starters, there are beautiful e-cards online you can email.  Or better yet, call your friends and family instead and see how they're doing. 

Be grateful for the opportunity to spend time with friends and family.  

Worried about family tension or long standing squabbles? Agree to take a hiatus on the 'issue' and see the person as they were before the problem ever started. Forgive them and bless them. Most likely they are unaware of the magnitude of what they've supposedly done.  If you still can't let it go remember this: that person will not always be around for you to be mad at.  I know many people who miss their passed loved ones terribly, even the ones who drove them crazy.

Don't forget about yourself: 

Breathe. Eat healthy foods now so you can splurge at holiday parties. Go for a walk or run.  Sight-see your own city.  Binge-watch a tv show you've been meaning to see. It's okay to gift yourself some time too.

Don't go into debt. One thoughtful gift is worth a bunch of expensive whatevers.  I promise you that your kids won't remember how much you spent on them ten years from now, but they will remember the relaxed time you spent together and the consideration you put into their gift choices over the years.

Remember what it's all about. 

This is a perfect time to revisit your spirituality.  After all, Jesus is the reason for the season. Take time to do things which continue to open your heart to God.  Maybe that means praying more. Maybe helping others in some way.  Even if you take the time to forgive someone in your life who needs it, you will have given them the most beautiful gift of all. 

May God bless you, your family, and your home,


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Cheryl Shotwell offers Spiritual Healing sessions to help you process anxiety, negative emotions, and other symptoms keeping you from being your best. 

Project Mother Earth, Pray for our planet, Heal the world one heart at a time, love Pachamama, peace

Project Mother Earth Needs You

Wednesday 8:30am EST Virtual Prayer Collective

Join us each Wednesday as we virtually pray for Mother Earth. Wherever you are at 8:30am EST, stop and pray for our beloved planet. That's it.

Pray in your own way, and for as long as you feel. Even a minute of your time as you go about your busy day, contributes to this global collective effort.

We started with two people and felt the connection as we both prayed simultaneously that first day, even though we were in different countries. Just imagine what hundreds of people praying at the same time for Mother Earth might do.

Please join this beautiful effort of asking God to heal, bless, and love our planet, from wherever you are at that time.

May God bless you for helping!

Learn more about Spiritual Healing for our Mother Earth and for yourself on my website. You can also post a prayer emoji (or heart!) and your location on my Sacred Solutions Facebook Page as you begin or end your prayers.

Project Mother Earth prays privately yet simultaneously once a week with a common passion and intention. It's a virtual Prayer/Meditation collective. Visit my Spiritual Home Clearing page to learn more.

Have a beautiful day,



Learn more about Spiritual Healing for yourself and your home at

Cheryl is a full time Advanced-Level Spiritual Shamanic Healing Practitioner. She offers private sessions for your home and yourself. In Person and Remote (long distance) appointments have profoundly helped clients worldwide. 


Spiritual Healing in the Real World

Cheryl Shotwell, Spiritual Shamanic Healing Practitioner

 What You Believe Is What You Receive!  August 2018

 In a world where you can create your own reality, anything you desire for yourself can be manifested. Of course, that isn't exactly a 100% accurate depiction of the world we live in, but according to those who live by these principles, life can very closely imitate this pattern. 

The trick to getting what you want out of life is to believe that you deserve these things and then move forward in a way that actively puts you in line to receive that which you desire.

Let's start with the concept of what we deserve. In our current culture there is a belief that one must prove themselves worthy, when in fact, we are all born inherently worthy of everything this world has to offer. All the gifts of the universe are available to each and every one of us, whether you are approaching this from a religious or a spiritual basis notwithstanding.  Work from a place of knowing that you are good, you are worthy, and you deserve all the gifts that you receive and more!

Another part of receiving is being receptive. It might sound obvious to say that you need to actually be open to receiving, but the fact of the matter is that many people actually shut out a lot of the opportunities available to them. Practice being grateful and receiving gifts with grace. 

Being receptive also means that you aren't just sitting back to see what falls in your lap, you are putting yourself out there, actively pursuing your goals and interests.

Be clear in your intentions, open your heart to what is best for you now, and allow Divine manifesting, Clear your energy field with a Spiritual Shamanic Healing Session. Pray or talk to God in your own way for added strength.  Go seek out what you desire, and be ready to find it! 

Cheryl :)

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Cheryl Shotwell is a full time Spiritual Shamanic Healing Practitioner. She provides private sessions in person and also remotely, from a distance. She offers Spiritual Clearing for your home and business to support holistic wellness. She is certified in Spiritual Healing, Shamanic Healing, Home & Business Clearing (with Magnetic Grid), Paranormal Psychology, and Feng Shui. She is an Ordained Minister and Hon. Doctor of Divinity. 


Help for You as our Earth Changes - July 2018

 The much discussed 'Earth changes' in the media over the last decade include the breaking down of our planet's magnetic energy field. This trickles down (or up!) to your own home. As a Spiritual Healer I've seen negative impacts from this issue manifest for many clients. And, as a Spiritual Healer I'm also blessed to help correct the magnetic field of your own property. 

Spiritual Home Clearing appointments function as a buffer between your home and what is happening to the Earth's energy underneath. They also clear old energies from your property which may be impacting you or your family. Much like physically cleaning your home, spiritual cleansing at this level is just as important. This is done in one session; on-site at your home, or done remotely, from a distance. 

I have successfully practiced intuitive Energy Space Clearing for 20+ years. I am certified in Spiritual Home & Business Clearing, Magnetic Grid Correction, and Spirit of Nature Protocols.  


Click HERE to Contact Cheryl

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 Cheryl Shotwell is a full time Spiritual Shamanic Healing Practitioner. She provides private sessions in person and also remotely, from a distance. She offers Spiritual Clearing for your home and business to support holistic wellness. She is certified in Spiritual Healing, Shamanic Healing, Home & Business Clearing (with Magnetic Grid), Paranormal Psychology, and Feng Shui. She is an Ordained Minister and Hon. Doctor of Divinity.  


Attracting the Changes You Desire - October 2018


Do you ever find yourself feeling like a victim of circumstance? Do you settle into familiar patterns because they feel safe and comfortable? Like a magnet, you will attract to your life whatever it is that you're unconsciously programming to bring in. Many of us fail to be held accountable for our own circumstances; instead of taking responsibility for being the "magnet," we blame society, our families, or the way we were raised for these familiar patterns – it is so much easier than looking at what we are unconsciously doing (or not doing) to create and allow certain circumstances to persist.

The reality is this: we do not LEARN how to live a happy and successful life. We are taught that life is a tough and unfair struggle and we shouldn't expect too much. We are taught to focus on fear, and because of this we lose our faith.

So how do you change this perception, and how do you change your life? First, you have to recognize that you have the ability to change more than you thought possible. Yes, life is challenging, but you do not have to make it harder than it really is. It is made easier when you begin to take responsibility for your own circumstances. Once you acknowledge negative patterns, you must stop them by addressing their sources and the subconscious reasons of why you are still allowing those patterns to persist.

Have the courage to notice what you are doing to create or allow these particular things you no longer want and stop projecting it all onto someone or something else. Make the decision to stop suffering. Learn to go with the flow and stop trying to manipulate your world so that you will not experience what you don't want to feel. Feelings need to be felt and then addressed so that you can move away from them, heal, and forgive yourself and others when it's necessary to do so. 

Spiritual Healing Sessions are an integral part of this process. Even one session can remove the energetic blocks and negative patterns.

Contact me to book your own Healing Session.

May God bless you, your home, and your family,

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Stop Existing. Start Living. Book a session yourself and see what's helped so many of my clients worldwide. Private in person or remote sessions available. 

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