FAQ - Spiritual Healing & Home Clearing

How much time should I allow for an in person healing session?

Most Spiritual Healing sessions last 45 minutes. Please allow an hour for the first appointment. This provides ample time for paperwork and for me to answer all your questions before we begin. I also explain the process before the session; along with which shamanic healing tools might be integrated into your customized healing session.  After your session is over I provide you with a detailed handout of what to expect following the appointment. I want you to leave with a peaceful quiet mind so I try not to start a discussion on your way out!  If you have any questions you can call or text me at any time following your session.  And I ask that you check in with me a few weeks later to let me know how things are going for you.  

How do I receive healing with a Remote Spiritual Healing Session?

I am blessed by God to offer healing from a distance. You do not need to be present physically receive the benefits of the session. Instead, your picture and other information (emailed to me) is blessed and prepared in a way that the healer is allowed to petition God on your behalf.  This is part of a sacred protocol* which allows people to receive cleansing at the highest level. 

Some FAQ:

Do I need a healing session?

If you are on my website, chances are you can benefit from a session. I find that most people intuitively know this is the right thing for them to try.  There are indicators listed on the spiritual healing page to guide you, but really it's a brief checklist so don't worry if you don't see you own situation listed there.  You can always contact me and I can let you know if this type of session may help or not. 

Most clients come for a session every three months, some book once every six months, and some clients come monthly. It all depends on your personal circumstances and how you're feeling.  You are a good judge of whether or not you are at your best at this time. 

The other side to that statement is that there are occasions when a person thinks they are perfectly fine and they're simply not.  This can happen if there is spiritual interference or any anomalies within the person's energy field. As an advanced healer, I am blessed to recognize this situation and encourage the healing for that person anyway. In those cases, I recommend we book a remote spiritual healing session for the person and proceed that way.  The healing session is based upon my petition to God on their behalf. Not everyone is able or willing to ask for help.  Humility, faith, integrity, training, spiritual strength, and Divine assistance of the healer is very important in this type of work.

Will I see results instantly after a healing session?

Yes, it's possible. Most clients instantly feel more calm, grounded, lighter and with a quiet mind immediately. But it all depends on why you came for a session to begin with. Although the healing occurs within your 45 minute session, it can take up to 30 days for your physical body to 'catch up' to the cleansing of your energy fields.  This 30 day period following your session allows for even more healing benefits to continue.  So as great as you'll feel after your session, you may feel even more so a few weeks later. 

What type of healing session do I book?

Most people start with a Spiritual Healing Session. Either in person or done remotely.  The client stands or can sit on a stool during this type of session. With God's permission, I am blessed to  remove energy which no longer serves the client;  integrating Intermediate and Advanced  protocols as well as many sacred and powerful shamanic tools.

Energy Healing sessions can be done at any time in person, and is healing for the physical body only. I recommend this as a supplement to Spiritual Healing or the Traditional Shamanic Healings. 

Traditional Shamanic healing sessions are more intense appointments and require different supplies and more time spent in person.  The client lies on a massage table and is covered with blessed sacred herbs and natural ingredients which have been blessed by God.  The essence of each ingredient has  special healing powers and is activated during this spa-like protocol. 

Do I need to book a Home Clearing appointment?

I feel in my heart that every home and business can benefit from a Spiritual Home or Business Clearing.  I am blessed to offer in person as well as remote home or business appointments. 

 *Victor Barron's method of Spiritual and Shamanic Healing is the safest, most effective healing protocol I have ever experienced and learned.The healing session addresses your mental, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual issues. Blockages can be removed, with your heart more open to receive.  Your spirit is blessed and you feel more grounded. And so much more can be experienced and received by the client from even one session.  I am grateful to be an Advanced Level student of  my gifted and powerful teacher.