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You will be contacted shortly regarding this healing for yourself or a loved one.  You will be notified again once the session has completed. We then hope that you drop us a quick line to let us know how things are, after a couple weeks time. Happy Healing!  And may God bless you.

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For homes, businesses, and land. Local and worldwide. Your home's spiritual clearing and Magnetic Grid correction is done remotely from my healing room using your home's picture and address. This is a powerful alternative to in-person home and business spiritual clearings. Distance Clearings include the special clearing and closing of mirrors on the property. 

All remote clearings are pre paid. I will contact you within 72 hours after receipt with your clearing date, etc. You need do nothing different while your remote clearing is being done. 

Gift Certificates or Other Payments

Please submit customized payment amounts here, like a gift certificate for a specific service. I will contact you to confirm certificate details. 

You may also use this button to pay for hourly services, or two services added together; like a Remote Spiritual Home Clearing for the house plus Remote Spiritual Healing Session(s) for the person.

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Class with Cheryl: Clutter Busting Made Easy Sat February 3, 2018 1pm-3pm $25


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Location: Helping Hands, Stafford, Virginia.  Realistic and effective tips to help you break through your own clutter.