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Powerful Healing Session for yourself, a loved one, or friend. Includes Traditional Shamanic Candle Healing, Bowl of Life, 4th-D, or other Advanced Level healing I am further trained in. Determined by your request for healing, Divine guidance, and my intuition. You will be contacted after purchasing, and again once your session has completed. 

Order a Remote Home or Business Spiritual Clearing


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For your home, business, commercial space, or land parcel. It is as important to cleanse the energies of your home as it is to physically clean it! Your home is also properly blessed and the magnetic grid is enhanced. You will be contacted within 48 hours for your address and a picture of the property, and again after your property  has been finished. 

Other Payments

Such as two healings paid at once, one of Cheryl's talks, or additional funds. Thank you!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

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