Healing for yourself and others from a distance, Remote Spiritual Healing, Long Distance Shamanic

Order a Remote Healing Session for You or a Loved One

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Powerful Advanced Level Healing Session for yourself, a loved one, or friend. This cleanses the mind (mental/emotional energy), body (many physical issues) and spirit (bad luck, attachments, being blocked in life, etc). Receive the same profound benefits as the in-person Spiritual Healing session with this service.  Includes Traditional Shamanic Candle Healing, Bowl of Life, 4th-D, Special Spirit Removal of Addiction (alcohol, narcotic drugs, nicotine, certain medications like Scopolamine, food, gambling) and more. Your Healing protocol is determined by your request for healing, Divine guidance, and my intuition. You will be contacted after purchasing, and again once your session has been done. 

Long Distance Space Clearing, Home Energy Clearing, Blessing Your Home

Order a Remote Home Spiritual Energy Clearing & Blessing

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 Enjoy the full benefits of Advanced Level Spiritual Home Clearing, blessing, and magnetic grid correction, done for you long distance. This removes old or stagnant energies from your property. Then your home is blessed at the highest level, and the spiritual flow of positive energy is increased. This is as effective as an in-person Spiritual Energy Clearing, does so much for the property and the people living there.

remote cleansing of business, ghostbusting for business owner, increase business success, feng shui

Order a Remote Business Spiritual Energy Clearing

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 Enjoy the full benefits of Advanced Level Spiritual Business Clearing, blessing, and magnetic grid correction for your place of business, done for you from a distance. This removes old, harmful, or stagnant energies from your business. Then it is blessed at the highest level, and the spiritual flow of positive energy is increased. This service  is as effective as the in-person Business Spiritual Energy Clearing. Every business needs this service!

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Order Crystal Blessing

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Special spiritual session for your crystal(s) jewelry and stones. This will strengthen them and amplify their positive virtues.  If you own, work with, or wear crystals (natural stones like quartz, citrine, amethyst, obsidian, jade etc), this is mandatory. After this sacred protocol is done, your beautiful stones will emit God's Love and Healing like never before. This can also be done in conjunction with your home clearing, either in person or remote (Crystal Blessing fee is added to your Space Clearing quote). This has been done for all the crystals in my jewelry box, home and Healing Cottage; and is very profound!  After ordering Crystal Blessing, please take a picture of all your crystal items together and email it to me for this remote healing. You will be contacted once it has been done.

Donations and Other Payments including Marriage & Relationship Healings

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About Cheryl

 Cheryl Shotwell is a full time Spiritual Shamanic Healing Practitioner. She provides private sessions in person and also remotely, from a distance. She offers Spiritual Clearing for your home and business to support holistic wellness. She is certified in Spiritual Healing, Shamanic Healing, Home & Business Clearing (with Magnetic Grid), Paranormal Psychology, and Feng Shui. She is an Ordained Minister and Hon. Doctor of Divinity. 

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