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Project: PRAY Mother Earth

Weekly Virtual Prayer Group - Wednesday 8:30am EST

 Join us each Wednesday and virtually pray for Mother Earth. Wherever you are at 8:30am EST, stop and pray for our beloved planet. That's it. Please ask God to bless Mother Earth and continue to love and heal her. Pray for as long as you feel. Even a minute of your time as you go about your busy day, contributes to this global collective effort. We started with two people in 2018 and felt how strong it was to pray simultaneously that first day, even though we were in different countries. Just imagine what hundreds of people praying at the same time for Mother Earth might do. May God bless you for helping!

Learn more about Spiritual Healing for yourself on my healing page. You can also check in on my Sacred Solutions Facebook Page. Project Mother Earth prays privately yet simultaneously once a week with a common passion and intention. Learn more about my services on my About page.

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Cheryl Shotwell is a full time Spiritual Shamanic Healing Practitioner.  Private sessions available in person or long-distance.  Appointments improve the energy of your home as well as your mind, body, and spirit. An ordained minister, Cheryl is also certified in Advanced Spiritual Healing, Traditional Shamanic Healing, Paranormal Psychology, Home & Business Spiritual Clearing with Magnetic Grid, and Feng Shui. She has been featured on fm radio B101.5 and various media. 


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