Spiritual Healing for Mind, Body, Spirit

Spiritual and Shamanic Healing Sessions in Fredericksburg, Nationally, & Internationally

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Spiritual Healing Sessions can change your life (see Testimonials). They can clear and free the mind, remove many physical ailments, break blocks and negative energies hurting you or your life path, and open your heart at the highest level. You will feel lighter, more like yourself. Sometimes the results are instant. I don't know other modalities that deliver these results. This is the most holistic and effective alternative healing protocol I have ever experienced. I was a client first, and now am blessed by God to be a Certified Spiritual & Shamanic Healing Practitioner (Advanced Level), after years of training and experience. 

 Your private session is customized every time depending on your healing request, Divine guidance and my intuition. My Sacred Firestick, Horsetail, Stone, and other blessed instruments are integrated into your session. Experience healing of the highest level for your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and cellular energy fields. 

This type of healing can help all ages with:

Mind:  Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia, Fear, Traumatic past event, Feeling stuck or blocked, Nightmares, Negative self talk, Depression, Sadness, Lack of Self esteem, Unwanted thoughts or behaviors, Chronic denial, Manipulating or being manipulated, Feeling dominated by others, Feeling unheard or unseen, Unwanted emotions

Body:  Hormone imbalance, Sore back or neck, Chakra cleansing & balancing, Feeling spacey or out of body, physical pain, Some physical diseases, Physical weakness, Benign lumps on skin, Bedwetting, Migraines, Parasites, Lethargy or unusual tiredness, Sore joints, Brain fog 

Spirit: Unable to forgive self or others, unable to love self or others, Feeling like you are being watched or have an uneasy feeling, Seeing shadows or paranormal activity, Have spent time in negative situations or with negative individuals, Removal of witchcraft or curses, Feeling like you are just not alone, or just not yourself any more, Past life questions, Desiring more spiritual protection, Concern you may have a spiritual attachment. Another beautiful benefit is your spiritual growth and awakening.  Your spirit is also blessed which helps you feel more 'present.' And with God's blessing, your heart is more open to receive. 

Spiritual Healing Session in Fredericksburg, Virginia $150
In Person Sessions can cleanse your energy field and remove spiritual attachments. Feel lighter, more balanced or like yourself.  Any blockages you are experiencing may be removed. Stress can be eliminated or greatly reduced. Your physical and emotional wellness can be supported. You can feel energized, balanced, even stronger.  This type of session requires you to stand (or sit on a stool) while the healer moves around you following a sacred healing protocol. Most sessions last 45 minutes. I am blessed to offer you powerful Intermediate and Advanced level healing protocols along with sacred shamanic healing tools. This allows me to address more difficult and resistant situations at a higher level. Most people begin with this type of healing session.  
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Remote Spiritual Healing Session $150 

Receive the incredible benefits of a spiritual shamanic healing session from a distance. I am blessed to break witchcraft/bad luck, remove negative energies and blockages, and help you process old emotions and thoughts. Your physical presence is not necessary; your session is done in a way that you receive the full healing as if you were here in person. I will contact you for specific information needed for this miracle to occur after you have pre-ordered on the payment page.  Sessions are done as soon as possible. I will intuitively decide which type of session is best for you (Traditional Shamanic Candle Healing, Bowl of Life, 4th-D or one of the powerful Advanced Level Remote Healings I am further trained in). This is a very popular approach for all ages.  Click here to Order Your Session.

Traditional Shamanic Table Healing Session in Fredericksburg $350
Your chakras are balanced,  physical energy field is properly energized, and you receive a deep healing down to the cellular level, including cellular memory. This allows freedom from many issues after one session. I will discuss your concerns before your session, which is located in the Fredericksburg area. You should wear a swimsuit or shorts and tank top, since many natural herbs and healing organics are layered on your body as you recline on a massage table.  
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Energy Healing Session $150
This is similar to what one would expect with a session of Reiki, Healing Touch, Energy Medicine, Chakra Clearing, etc. Many physical-based issues and stresses can be relieved.  Self-healing occurs faster after a cleansing of this type. Energy Healing Sessions are often referred to as Hands On Healing, energy work, energy cleansing, healing energy, aura cleansing, chakra cleansing, etc. You relax on a massage table or stand during this type of session.  
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Please check out the FAQ page for more detailed information. To read what clients are saying check out Testimonials page.


*I am blessed to be an Advanced Level Spiritual Healing Practitioner, with Victor Barron as my teacher. Victor's healing practices and techniques are the safest, most authentic, and most powerful I have experienced; both as a practitioner since 2012 and as a client.  Victor is a true man of God. He is the real deal.  I can tell you from many classes, healings, and experiences. Just ask me. He thankfully shares his gifts and Divine knowledge to help others heal and open their hearts to God. Learn more about Victor Barron's many gifts, upcoming classes, and healings at www.victorbarron.com class="x-el x-el-span px_-letter-spacing-normal px_-text-transform-none px_-fs-unset px_-ff-_Lusitana___Georgia__serif px_-fw-700 x-d-ux"> and through his book titled Humanity's Spiritual Plague.

Additional Information: 

Location: Spiritual and Shamanic Healing sessions in Virginia are held in my simple healing cottage surrounded by nature. I am so grateful for this sanctuary, which allows me to connect with God, Mother Earth and the beautiful animals on the property. It was this connection to the land that led to converting this space into a healing room several years ago. My amazing husband along with a dear friend finished the inside of this peaceful space for us, to be able to share this sacred space with you now. I am also blessed to host my fellow healers every month for practice; thankful to be part of this growing family.   

I am blessed to be further trained in Victor Barron's Home & Business Clearing technique at the Advanced Level including working with Mother Earth and the Magnetic Grid remotely. Victor offers this training and many other subjects worldwide, learn more at http://victorbarron.com/workshops/ . Clearing your home or workspace is always suggested to support total wellness on all levels.  I recommend every home be spiritually cleared and have the grid enhanced. Please contact me to set up your own clearing appointment.

Client Handouts

By purchasing or receiving any service/product/advisement from Cheryl Shotwell, and/or Sacred Solutions I agree to the following Hold Harmless (downloadable below). This acts as legal and binding consent of the Informed Consent Form. Except in the case of gross negligence or malpractice, I or my representative(s) agree to full release and hold harmless Cheryl Shotwell, and/or Sacred Solutions, and all aliases from and against any and all claims or liability of whatsoever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with my session(s)/services/products/advisements.  

Love Yourself

 In order to truly live your greatest life you must love yourself. You must love yourself first before you can fully love others around you and project love out to the universe. Remember that you are perfect exactly the way you are. Forgive yourself for any negative tendencies you have and simply seek ways to improve or remove those. Accept who you are. You have been put on this earth to be amazing!