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Advanced Magnetic Grid Correction, Spiritual Clearing and Protection for your Home or Business

I am certified in Spiritual Clearing & Magnetic Grid Correction, and have done intuitive Space Clearing for 23+ years.  ~Cheryl

Much like physically cleaning your home, this sacred protocol is just as important! Receive profound blessings for your home at the highest level; with God's powerful Divine Forces and the assistance of our beloved Mother Earth. The benefits can also be received 100% remotely, via long distance. Many of my clients report significant rewards from this sacred service: urban homes, executive offices, medical and veterinarian clinics, historic properties, estate homes, corporate offices, restaurants, commercial warehouses, horse barns, apartments, country farms, college dorms, venues and vacant land parcels. 

-Blesses the home with your intention (I am an Ordained Minister, 2013) 

-Blesses your business with prosperity and success

-Balances energies and restores harmony. Supports Feng Shui efforts 

-Clears out the old energies of the previous having a clean slate

-Supports the healing processes for anyone living in your home 

-Clears negative entities or spirits

-Buffers energetic anomalies like vortex and leyline impacts

-Open up new possibilities in your life

-Improves productivity in the workplace

-Connects with God and with Mother Earth via magnetic grid correction

-Sets proper intention in your home or business for the present time

-Makes it feel more like your own

-Converts 'spooky' feeling i.e. often found in historic places into warmth

-Specially cleanses and spiritually closes mirrors 

-Revitalizes properties where dramatic or negative events have occurred

-Sets spiritual intention when listing/selling your home

-Enhances the positive effects of spiritual healing, energy healing, etc

I feel in my heart that every property needs this spiritual clearing service. Knowing what this can do for a person or a family....I urge you to give this a try and see for yourself. I can personally attest to the difference of living in the same house that was spiritually cleared years after I had moved in. A true before and after experience. This was life changing for me and my family.  

I am blessed to be chosen by God to heal people and their homes. My fees are recommended by my teacher, Victor Barron. Based upon my Advanced Level Healing abilities, spiritual strength, and extensive Practitioner training.  It is important to clear your property and set its Magnetic Grid every two years. Your Grid stays fixed to the things you wanted at the time it was done. You may have new intentions, consciousness, goals etc every year or two. This will help move you forward in many ways!

My Space Clearing Qualifications:

I have professionally Space-cleared homes and businesses for over 23 years. I am also certified in Feng Shui and Paranormal Psychology, and understand the different environmental energies surrounding us. I am certified in Victor Barron's Spiritual Home and Business Clearing and Magnetic Grid Correction.   I have also completed additional training in this subject at the Advanced levels (2016/2017/2018/2019), and was anointed in 2017 to offer you spiritual clearing & magnetic grid correction remotely (long distance).  I am also trained in the Spirit of Nature Clearing method, and other powerful long-distance clearing techniques; which cleanse your property but do not correct the Magnetic Grid and spiritual flow. Victor's method has greatly empowered my space clearing efforts; providing client benefits at the highest level. I recommend you have this done for your own home and see for yourself.

I am also an ordained minister (2013); Hon. Doctor of Divinity (2018). My services petition that God's will be done.



Your Spiritual Space Clearing

Remote Home/Business Spiritual Clearing

remote home clearing, remote energy cleansing for home or business,  ghostbuster, magnetic grid

Home $300 flat fee (any square feet)

Business  $400 flat fee (any square feet)

This is a powerful alternative to the in-person clearing.  Your clearing is done from a distance; in the Healing Cottage. A picture of your home or business and the address are required.  Your entire property receives deep spiritual and energy cleansing, is properly blessed, and then your spiritual grid is corrected. This can be life changing.  75% of my clients take advantage of the Remote Home or Business Clearing, as it is more economical or convenient.  

In-Person Home/Business Spiritual Clearing

in person home clearing, in person energy cleansing for home or business,  ghostbuster,magnetic grid

$800 and up

Contact me for your quote  

This appointment is done on site at your home or business. Spiritually cleanse your home's energy, assist spirits, correct your magnetic grid, optimize your spiritual flow, powerfully bless your home, and harmonize the entire property with Mother Earth.  Fee is based on square footage and several other factors. This is done using a powerful sacred protocol I am certified in at the Advanced Level. Also Available Worldwide - Travel expenses may apply. 

Advanced Protection Blessing

Spiritual Protection for home or business, in person home energy protection


New in 2018 - Provide additional spiritual protection for your home or business. This particular service is only done in person on your property. Available only for people who have had a Home/Business Spiritual Clearing already. It does not matter how your home was previously cleared by me: in-person or remotely.  The property must be spiritually cleansed with the Magnetic Grid correction in place before this service can be added.  For new clients, you could book a Remote Home Clearing and this In Person Spiritual Protection Service together. Additional travel surcharge for those outside the Fredericksburg area.  You will be contacted within 72 hours after purchase to schedule your appointment. Available Mon-Fri, 10am-3pm only.

Special Crystals Blessing

Crystals Healing, Amethyst, Blessing of the Crystals


New in 2019 - Special spiritual session for your crystal(s) jewelry and stones. This will strengthen them and amplify their positive virtues.  If you own, work with, or wear crystals (natural stones like quartz, citrine, amethyst, obsidian, jade etc), this is mandatory. After this sacred protocol is done, your beautiful stones will emit God's Love and Healing like never before. This can also be done in conjunction with your home clearing, either in person or remote (Crystal Blessing fee is added to your Space Clearing quote). This has been done for all the crystals in my jewelry box, home and Healing Cottage; and is very profound!  After ordering Crystal Blessing, please take a picture of all your crystal items together and email it to me for this remote healing. You will be contacted once it has been done.

Clients Share

 "We suspected paranormal activity and the space in the house felt congested and stressed. Each family member experienced different situations and I admit that I tried really hard to find ways to rationalize what was husband and I decided to follow Cheryl's recommendations and we have never regretted that decision- what an amazing difference it has made in our lives! After the clearing, our home felt peaceful, grounded, and open. My girls noticed the positive changes immediately when they came home from school that day.  We are so thankful for Cheryl and her gifts of healing-"   ~Mary


"I own a business that has two different locations.  I was beginning to feel something was “off” in my businesses.  I noticed tension between my staff that had never existed before,  the clients I served were also becoming tense and uptight within my offices,  production had flat lined, and even myself felt like my creativity as a leader was being blocked.  So I asked Cheryl to perform a distant/remote clearing for each of my offices.  Almost immediately it felt there was a different way about my offices.  Before I felt polluted energetically, almost suffocated as I walked thru the office and now its like a fresh air as you walk thru my business. The laughter has returned between coworkers.  Most importantly the financial profitability has increased and my clients are happy once they walk in the door.  Even I feel renewed energetically like coming back from a vacation.  As I said the change was almost instantaneous but over the next several weeks post the clearing the energy of the office continued to improve. “  ~Greg

Today, one of my clients shared “What a sweet spirit your house has” I smiled and in my heart gave thanks for Cheryl and the blessing [Remote Home Clearing & Grid Correction] she bestowed on our home. Cheryl radiates a beautiful energy of grounded love. She walks with a kind, thoughtful heart... Her gentle spirit is kind and full of spunk that always brings a smile. Her healings are pure grace that will shower you with goosebumps of love. I have known Cheryl for many years; our paths crossed when she was teaching a Feng Shui class I took. I was immediately drawn in by her knowledge and comforted by her sweetness. Her passion for the highest good shined through her teachings. Years later when we were purchasing a home, I immediately contacted Cheryl for Feng Shui advice. To no surprise, Cheryl has transitioned into a deeper form of work, Shamanic Healing.  The cleansing & blessing she gave our home, not only was a “sweet one” but a true blessing. The first year of moving into a home and a new town can be filled with re-nesting mayhem. I genuinely feel the cleansing & blessing gave me a sense of having my two feet firmly planted on the ground. It comforted me as I began a new phase of life and exploring my new town."–Christine Bogdan

 "I have benefited from Cheryl's expertise since 2013. She has assisted me with healing by clearing "stuck" energies at all levels...[including] clearing and setting the magnetic grid in my house, and so much more. Cheryl's knowledge, wisdom and breadth of experience is truly a gift and one that she shares with such compassion and joy. I have incredible gratitude to Cheryl for her discipline and tenacity that has allowed me so many opportunities to heal and grow...". Laura P. 

"I will love to share our experience before and after the remote home [Clearing].  Before (just a few examples): I [used] to wake up at 2 am every single day with no reason, my boyfriend and I used to argued and couldn't be able to talk easyley, our pets loved the house but enjoyed even more to be outside and not at home just like we did, and I fell from the stairs once... After the remote house clearence we [noticed] a really big change!!! Every time I Walk through the stairs my feet feel heavy on top of them, now I feel secure, we as a couple stopped argueing and started talking and listening to each other, we feel at peace, our pets love to be home and  they are always relaxed, us too!  and I was able to sleep all Night Long... we even get a little nap every now and then!  We feel at home  now... secure, at peace, blessed, enjoying our place, happier and stronger as a family!!! We thank God and Cheryl for this blessing, she is  amazing and has a very beautiful gift that shares with us!!! This is one of the greatest experiences I've ever had..." Mabel C. in Guatemala

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Project: Mother Earth

Weekly Virtual Prayer Collective - Wednesday 8:30am EST

Join us each Wednesday as we virtually pray for Mother Earth. Wherever you are at 8:30am EST, stop and pray for our beloved planet. That's it.

Pray in your own way, and for as long as you feel. Even a minute of your time as you go about your busy day, contributes to this global collective effort.

We started with two people and felt the connection as we both prayed simultaneously that first day, even though we were in different countries. Just imagine what hundreds of people praying at the same time for Mother Earth might do.

Please join this beautiful effort of asking God to heal, bless, and love our planet, from wherever you are at that time.

May God bless you for helping! 

Learn more about Spiritual Healing for for yourself on my healing page. You can also post a prayer emoji (or heart!) and your location on my Sacred Solutions Facebook Page as you begin or end your prayers.

Project Mother Earth prays privately yet simultaneously once a week with a common passion and intention. It's a virtual Prayer/Meditation collective. Learn more about my services on my About page.

This is a Love Song to the Earth (click the link to play)

Pray for Mother Earth. May God bless, heal, and protect her and all Lightworkers worldwide.

Pray for Mother Earth. May God bless, heal, and protect her and all Lightworkers worldwide. 


About Cheryl

 Cheryl Shotwell is a full time Spiritual Shamanic Healing Practitioner. She provides private sessions in person and also remotely, from a distance. She offers Spiritual Clearing for your home and business to support holistic wellness. She is certified in Spiritual Healing, Shamanic Healing, Home & Business Clearing (with Magnetic Grid), Paranormal Psychology, and Feng Shui. She is an Ordained Minister and Hon. Doctor of Divinity. 

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