Spiritual Clearing, Blessing & Protection for Properties

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Advanced Magnetic Grid Correction, Spiritual Clearing and Protection for your Home or Business

The much discussed 'Earth changes' include the breaking down of our planet's magnetic energy field. This impacts the energy field of  your own home. As a Spiritual Healer I've seen negative impacts from this issue manifest for many clients. Spiritual Healing heals the people as well as the homes and businesses, and this service is for your home or business.  Spiritual Home Clearing appointments function as a buffer between your home and what is breaking down with the Earth's magnetic field underneath. This is done in one session; on-site at your home, or done remotely from a distance. I am certified in Spiritual Clearing & Magnetic Grid Correction, and have done intuitive Space Clearing for 22+ years.  ~Cheryl

Much like physically cleaning your home, this sacred protocol is just as important! Bless your home at the highest level; with God's Divine Forces and the assistance of Mother Earth.  The benefits can also be 100% received remotely, done from a distance.   Also referred to as Space Clearing, Energy Cleansing, Smudging, Environmental Healing, or Gridwork; spiritual clearing appointments use a sacred and powerful protocol I am certified in.*  My clients include occupants of: urban homes, executive offices, medical and veterinarian clinics, historic properties, estate homes, restaurants, commercial warehouses, horse barns, apartments, country farms, college dorms, and vacant land parcels. 

Benefits of a spiritual home or business clearing: 

-Blesses the property (I am an Ordained Minister/Hon. Doctor of Divinity) 

-Helps balance energies and restore harmony. Supports Feng Shui efforts 

-Clears out the old energies of the previous people

-Supports the healing processes for anyone living in your home 

-Clears entities occupying your spaces

-Open up new possibilities in your life

-Improves productivity in the workplace

-Connects with God and with Mother Earth via magnetic grid correction

-Sets proper intention in your home or business

-Makes it feel more like your own

-Removes 'spooky' feeling i.e. often found in historic places

-Specially cleanses and spiritually closes mirrors 

-Revitalizes properties where dramatic or negative events have occurred

-Sets spiritual intention when listing/selling your home

-Enhances the positive effects of spiritual healing, energy healing, and feng shui

The benefits can also be received remotely 100%. This is a gift from God that I received in 2017; and makes sure we have healed the person AND the home for total success. Your address and a picture of the property is required.

I feel in my heart that EVERY property needs this spiritual clearing service. I can personally attest to the profound difference of living in the same house that was cleared many years after I had moved in! This was life changing for me and my entire family.  

In conjunction, I strongly recommend spiritual healing for everyone in your home. This ensures holistic healing of the space and for your family.  You can order distance healing sessions HERE, and they will be synchronized with your house clearing appointment. I also recommend the additional separate service of Spiritual Protection listed below. You can order the Spiritual Protection service for your home or business HERE

My fees are set by my teacher, Victor Barron. Based upon my Advanced Level Healing abilities and extensive training. 


for Your Home $300        for your Business  $400  

This is a powerful alternative to the in-person clearing.  Your clearing is done from a distance; in the Healing Cottage. A picture of your home or business and the address are required.  Your entire property receives deep spiritual and energy cleansing, is properly blessed, and then your spiritual grid is corrected. This can be life changing.  75% of my clients take advantage of the Remote Home or Business Clearing, as it is more economical or convenient. 

Order your Remote Home or Business Spiritual Clearing HERE.


IN PERSON SPIRITUAL CLEARING AND MAGNETIC GRID CORRECTION at your home or business   $800 and up   Contact me for your direct quote

Your on-site (at your property) appointment cleanses your home's energy, assists spirits, corrects the magnetic grid, optimizes your spiritual flow, properly blesses your home, and harmonizes the property with Mother Earth.  Fee is based on square footage and other factors. This determines how much time and supplies will be needed for your property. This is done using a powerful sacred protocol I am certified in. Locations outside the DC or Richmond area add travel expenses.  Contact me for your in person clearing quote.


New in 2018 - Provide continued spiritual protection for your home, land, or business. This is done in person on your property. This is available only after you have received the Home/Business Spiritual Clearing Service.  This is an on-site (at your property) healing  which can be combined with in person or remote clearing appointments. Additional small surcharge is extra for those outside the Fredericksburg area. Order your Spiritual Protection Appointment HERE. You will be contacted within 72 hours with your available date. 

My Space Clearing Qualifications:

I have professionally cleared homes and businesses for over 22 years. I am also certified in Feng Shui and Paranormal Psychology, and understand the different environmental energies surrounding us. *I am certified in Victor Barron's Spiritual Home and Business Clearing and Magnetic Grid Correction. I have also completed additional training in this subject at the Advanced levels (2016/2017/2018), and was anointed in 2017 to offer you spiritual clearing/magnetic grid correction remotely, long distance.  I am also trained in the Spirit of Nature Clearing method, another powerful long-distance clearing technique. Victor's method has greatly empowered my space clearing efforts; providing client benefits at the highest level.

I am an ordained minister (2013); Hon. Doctor of Divinity (2018); my services petition that God's will be done.

Clients share:

"We suspected paranormal activity and the space in the house felt congested and stressed. Each family member experienced different situations and I admit that I tried really hard to find ways to rationalize what was happening...my husband and I decided to follow Cheryl's recommendations and we have never regretted that decision- what an amazing difference it has made in our lives! After the clearing, our home felt peaceful, grounded, and open. My girls noticed the positive changes immediately when they came home from school that day.  We are so thankful for Cheryl and her gifts of healing-"   ~Mary

 "I have benefited from Cheryl's expertise since 2013. She has assisted me with healing by clearing "stuck" energies at all levels...[including] clearing and setting the magnetic grid in my house, and so much more. Cheryl's knowledge, wisdom and breadth of experience is truly a gift and one that she shares with such compassion and joy. I have incredible gratitude to Cheryl for her discipline and tenacity that has allowed me so many opportunities to heal and grow...". Laura P. 



About Cheryl

 Cheryl Shotwell is a full time Spiritual Shamanic Healing Practitioner. She provides private sessions in person and also remotely, from a distance. She offers Spiritual Clearing for your home and business to support holistic wellness. She is certified in Spiritual Healing, Shamanic Healing, Home & Business Clearing (with Magnetic Grid), Paranormal Psychology, and Feng Shui. She is an Ordained Minister and Hon. Doctor of Divinity. 

Read more about Cheryl HERE

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