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Spiritual & Shamanic Healing Sessions

Clear your energy fields, remove blockages and stress, and support wellness. Remove attachments,  interference or blocks in your life. Gently process emotions, thoughts, even trauma. This sacred method is done for the person; to feel energized, clear, or simply more like yourself. In person, remote, and long distance appointments are available. CLICK HERE to learn the typical benefits received by clients during sessions.

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Spiritual Home & Business Clearings

Remove energies which are not serving you or your home. Bless your entire property. Restore abundant energy and spiritual flow with this powerful method. This type of healing is done for your home, business, land; and is useful in enhancing the positive effects of spiritual healing, energy healing, and feng shui efforts. It can also be performed remotely.  There are many reasons to book this sacred home clearing; CLICK HERE to see how this can benefit you. 

Clients Say...

 "I've known Cheryl for quite a few years and was always aware of her kind heart and deep concern for humanity. When my adult children were having pretty significant issues and I was at my wit's end, I reached out to Cheryl for help. She performed distance healings on both my children and we witnessed unexplainable changes in them both! My husband has become a believer due to the work that Cheryl has done, through the Grace of God, for our family. It's hard to find the words to describe how grateful we are to have someone in our lives that is able to affect such change!" Laura M.

"When I first met Cheryl I felt an instant connection. Spiritual healings are so intensely personal I need to have absolute trust in the healer. Having said that there is no one I trust more than Cheryl. Not only is she a gifted healer but she has the wonderful ability of being able to put you at ease and guide you through the whole process. She patiently answered all my questions. I have had several healings. Each one was an amazing experience. The benefits have been numerous. Everything from sleeping better to mental clarity and much more. I will continue to see Cheryl for more healings and am excited to see what the future brings. I recommend Cheryl to others and based on their feedback their experiences were equally amazing. I am so thankful to know Cheryl." Lyra S.


"Cheryl and Sacred-Solutions have been an unexpected blessing in my life. While at first I had no idea what to expect, I kept an open mind. What I have noticed from my healing and cleansing is a mental clarity that I have been seeking for a long time. I cannot go into great detail because it is very personal and private for me. I have noticed a marked difference in my thought patterns. Thank you!!"  Bryan

"I have received several healings with Cheryl, and with each one I could feel a real divine cleansing occurring. I felt so much lighter, and yet more grounded after my first session! The abundance of love I felt flooding my body truly amazed me and still does every day! Cheryl definitely has a gift and has been truly a blessing to me throughout my healing journey. Thank you sooo much for doing the work you do! Much love!!! ❤️"  Melinda H.

"My medical doctor referred me to Cheryl. I have had many spiritual/shamanic healings with Cheryl. My health, my happiness and my life have all greatly improved. I am so very thankful for that referral and for Cheryl. She is a wonderful healer who has helped me open my heart and heal on many levels." Laura C 

 Cheryl and her gifts have been a blessing to myself, my family, our pet and my home.  I have taken advantage of all of her services except the wet shamanic healing. The key is healing.  And that has been occurring for me since I had my first in person healing session in 2014.  It is now 2017 and I am in a much better state of mind than when this journey began."  Mary G. 

 ​"My experience with the in person healing was truly one of the most enlightening experiences of my life. Although I was initially very unsure and self conscious, the moment I stepped into the room I knew that this was the best decision I had made.  Throughout the process I felt grounded, free, and hopeful. My healing allowed me to open doors  that I didn't realize were there, guiding me on my spiritual journey. I am so grateful to have undergone this healing."  Isabel


"I have had serious feet problems for 7 years. Tarsal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. I have been on Lyrica for 7 years,  2 to 3 times a day. Could not go with out them until now. I am just amazed that in the past two months I have only taken Lyrica 2 times. I am not doing anything differently except for believing and being open minded [distance spiritual healing]. I am so excited how well I am doing, pray it continues. Thank you!" Margaret Howe

"If you hear a whisper or feel an urge to free yourself of the old or negative so you can experience a more peaceful existence where you are more grounded in your deeper higher self, Cheryl has the tools to assist you in your journey. Cheryl is a loving, generous, dedicated healer whose positivity and skills immediately put you at ease and let you know that you have come to the right place to get a little closer to the blessed person that you are. I have benefited from Cheryl's expertise since 2013. She has assisted me with healing by clearing "stuck" energies at all levels starting with a friend who had passed, and progressing through healing via in-person spiritual healings, remote spiritual healings, classes and consultations to protect myself at work, feng shui consulting in my house early on and later clearing and setting the magnetic grid in my house, and so much more. Cheryl's knowledge, wisdom and breadth of experience is truly a gift and one that she shares with such compassion and joy. I have incredible gratitude to Cheryl for her discipline and tenacity that has allowed me so many opportunities to heal and grow and come to know myself as the child of God's love that is each person's birthright." Laura Pal


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