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Optimize your energy field, reduce stress, and support wellness. Even one session can remove attachments or unhealthy energies and blockages. You can gently release unwanted emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Clients often feel energized, clear, and balanced after a session. I am certified in (Advanced Level Spiritual Shamanic Healing) spiritual methods of the highest level, incorporating Native American and sacred ancient protocols. I am an Ordained Minister. In person, remote, and long distance appointments are available. This is complementary with allopathic and alternative healing methods. 

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Spiritual Clearing for Your Home & Business

spiritual healing, shamanic healing, energy healing, remote healing, chakra healing,spiritual shaman

Powerfully renew the energies of your home or business. Much like physically cleaning your house, this environmental healing session is just as important for your living and workspace!  Your home (or business) is spiritual cleansed at the highest level;  receiving the profound healing energy of God's Angels and Mother Earth. Includes a powerful blessing for you and your property. Corrects the spiritual grid while removing interference and heaviness from the land and buildings.  I am blessed and certified to perform this remotely, done from a distance. Every home and business needs this! 

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In order to truly live your greatest life you must love yourself. You must love yourself first before you can fully love others around you and project love out to the universe. Remember that you are loved exactly the way you are. Forgive yourself for any negative tendencies you have and simply seek ways to improve those. Accept who you are. You have been put on this earth to be amazing! Cheryl  

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