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Organic Night Oil


 My love of Mother Earth as well as quality skincare has led me to create this blessed Facial Oil. I created this powerful serum for myself, out of frustration. I had already spent tons of money on beauty products which helped one or two issues, such as wrinkles (ahem, I mean laugh lines) but they exacerbated my adult acne. Plus, I have sensitive skin which is dry in the winter and oily all summer.  

Once I perfected my holistic formula I never looked back. When used regularly, my skin looks so great I don't need foundation makeup. I use pure, organic ingredients in my formula.  After careful preparation of these 1 ounce serums, they are offered to God and blessed at the highest level. Trust me when I say I love and honor the natural and sacred ingredients in this product. 

You can use a couple drops nightly, gently patted into your skin after your other nightly products are applied. Or simply mix a drop or two into your normal face cream before applying. Avoid eye area. Ingredients include organic Argan oil blended with a proprietary blend of herbs, vitamins and/or Essential Oils. 

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