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"Cheryl has done wonders to calm my inner demons and lead me toward a more loving existence...." -Susie


"Cheryl came to my home four years ago for a home clearing and in-person healing. I immediately felt comfortable and safe with her presence in my home. Cheryl has a special warmth that radiates from her as equally as she is professional in her work.  Fast forward four years and a lot of healing work through Cheryl's  Victor Barron method of spiritual shamanic healing, I must admit I am not the same person when Cheryl and I first met. I now feel love for myself, an increase of love for others and humanity, a new passionate connection to nature has emerged, I am learning and working through forgiving others when I thought it was not something I could do, and a newfound joy in living are few of the beautiful changes through the spiritual healings.  Two of my favorite healings have been the family and wet healing. Each resulted in dramatic and beautiful changes.  The family healing resulted in an immediate shift of issues, as well as blocks were removed. A newly formed peace and harmony in my family of five emerged.   Wet healings released personal and emotional blocks that I struggled with since childhood. My mind became quiet of the negative self-talk and a calming inner peace replaced it. What has continued to be healed was something life long therapy and many years of medication could not do.    I have entrusted Cheryl with my personal issues, as well as family, and friends. Each healing resulted in beautiful and positive blessings. Cheryl will honor your questions without judgment and address specific concerns with the highest of integrity.   Lastly,  Cheryl has many years of experience in home clearing.  She has been given a beautiful gift of truly understanding the issues within a home. She is very thorough and has the highest amount of integrity of approaching all issues as well as to bring love and honor in the home clearing and blessing. I have continued with home clearings, all long-distance, for four years. It is truly amazing how Cheryl does not need to be present in your home for the clearing and blessing to occur.   Cheryl will provide respect to your specific concern and honor your questions as well as provide the highest level of integrity confidentiality."

-Kelly L.


"I have had many healings and two shamanic Wet healings with Cheryl, both where very beautiful and special. I am so blessed to receive these beautiful healings from such an amazing healer as herself. I highly recommend this healing for yourself and your family as it opened so many doors for me and cut of blocks that held me back for my true essence on my Devine path. May God bless you ❤️" -Sashnee


"I feel as though I had a spiritual massage. That’s the best way to describe it. I’m sensitive in some areas and completely relieved in others. Which is exactly how I feel after a 90 minute full body massage. Except this affected my body, mind, soul, past, present, and future. I’m so happy I used her [remote spiritual healing] services. I’m questioning how I was carrying all the weight for so long. For years I had no idea I was being weighed down. It’s like finishing a marathon and discovering you ran the same race with 45 extra pounds than everyone else. I wonder where I would be if I had done this earlier. However, I’m also at peace because I know that my life is re-aligning. ~Danei


"I own a business that has two different locations.  I was beginning to feel something was “off” in my businesses.  I noticed tension between my staff that had never existed before,  the clients I served were also becoming tense and uptight within my offices,  production had flat lined, and even myself felt like my creativity as a leader was being blocked.  So I asked Cheryl to perform a distant/remote clearing for each of my offices.  Almost immediately it felt there was a different way about my offices.  Before I felt polluted energetically, almost suffocated as I walked thru the office and now its like a fresh air as you walk thru my business. The laughter has returned between coworkers.  Most importantly the financial profitability has increased and my clients are happy once they walk in the door.  Even I feel renewed energetically like coming back from a vacation.  As I said the change was almost instantaneous but over the next several weeks post the clearing the energy of the office continued to improve. “ ~Greg (Remote Spiritual Clearing Service for Business)


"Unknown to me, my wife asked Cheryl for a remote healing for me because she felt I had a negative spirit attachment that was causing me to be angry and down on myself, keeping me from God's best. I was so excited when my wife told me she requested the healing because I knew I could not protect myself from whatever this was. A few days after the healing, I was awakened one night and had the feeling some negative spirits were trying to interrupt my sleep and fill me with negative thoughts, but I immediately felt a sense of calm. I had a vision of a doorway filled with warmth or light, and they could not enter because the doorway was closed. While I was saying this to my wife, I held up my hands in the form of a triangle when I referred to the doorway being closed. I did not realize, until my wife said it, that this was validation of the healing, as the triangle is symbolic of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, and can represent the third eye, i.e., spirits not being allowed to enter the crown chakra. I am grateful because my wife and I have had no interference since the healing has taken place and I can sleep in peace knowing I have been healed." -Jim


  "When I first met Cheryl I felt an instant connection. Spiritual healings are so intensely personal I need to have absolute trust in the healer. Having said that there is no one I trust more than Cheryl. Not only is she a gifted healer but she has the wonderful ability of being able to put you at ease and guide you through the whole process. She patiently answered all my questions. I have had several healings. Each one was an amazing experience. The benefits have been numerous. Everything from sleeping better to mental clarity and much more. I will continue to see Cheryl for more healings and am excited to see what the future brings. I recommend Cheryl to others and based on their feedback their experiences were equally amazing. I am so thankful to know Cheryl." Lyra S.


 I have been seeing Cheryl for a couple years now for my [remote and in person] spiritual healings. She is amazing at what she does! I recently received a wet healing [Advanced Traditional Shamanic] from her and it was truly an amazing experience. After the healing I felt a huge weight lifted off of me, I felt I was my true self. I felt free. I cannot express my gratitude for this healing. I’m so excited to move forward and see what God has in store for me! Thank you so much Cheryl ❤️  -Chelsie


 Why a 5 Star rating? Cheryl offered me a peaceful and personal inquiry into my sticking points in my life. As it stood, I hadn’t faced blocks that repeatedly occurred and wanted to address them. I found Cheryl’s approach to see them all in a compassionate way made sense to me. I’ve always enjoyed finding myself lighter and much more happier in my life now, with others around me and also watching my career gain speed and growth in ways I didn’t think possible! I must say I’d never would have considered this approach to meeting myself in this way just 3 years ago but I am so very happy I did. Give yourself a gift to see Cheryl at Sacred Solutions Spiritual Healing, you’ll be very pleased you trusted the process. -Tom T.


 I've been on a spiritual path for over 30 years and have worked with many healers who are trained in different modalities. I've been trained in many techniques in my career, yet I have never met anyone who can get to the root of the problem and address it within minutes until meeting Cheryl. Her insights are right on target every time and her deep connection to the spirit world is humbling. Time is of the essence and we must get "clear" as quickly and efficiently as possible. Cheryl is the one to get you there. Can't recommend highly enough!  - Laura M.



I've been receiving spiritual healings from Cheryl for a few years now. I can honestly say I don't know how I would handle a lot of everyday situations if it weren't for Cheryl and her amazing gifts. Cheryl is truly a blessing from God and is an amazing healer. From the first moment you meet Cheryl, you are immediately put to ease. Thank you Cheryl for all you do! -Will J.


 " I will love to share our experience before and after the remote home clearance [Remote Spiritual Home Clearing].  Before (just a few examples): I [used] to wake up at 2 am every single day with no reason, my boyfriend and I used to argued and couldn't be able to talk easyley, our pets loved the house but enjoyed even more to be outside and not at home just like we did, and I fell from the stairs once... After  the remote house clearence we [noticed] a really big change!!! Every time I Walk through the stairs my feet feel heavy on top of them, now I feel secure, we as a couple stopped argueing and started talking and listening to each other, we feel at peace, our pets love to be home and  they are always relaxed, us too!  and I was able to sleep all Night Long... we even get a little nap every now and then!  We feel at home  now... secure, at peace, blessed, enjoying our place, happier and stronger as a family!!! We thank God and Cheryl for this blessing, she is  amazing and has a very beautiful gift that shares with us!!! This is one of the greatest experiences I've ever had..." Mabel C. in Guatemala  


Cheryl is a gifted healer trained in the most effective healing modality that I have ever experienced. Not only that, she is a warm and compassionate soul who truly listens and cares. If you are considering healing services, I highly recommend that you give Cheryl a try.  -Christine T.


"One of my favorite healing techniques is a Wet Healing.  After receiving this beautiful [Advanced Traditional Shamanic] healing blessing by Cheryl, I felt INCREDIBLE.  During the healing, physical aches and pain in various parts of the body started to diminish.  It was also during this particular healing where more peace and illumination appeared as sacred ingredients and prayers were offered.  The process was almost like a surgery to remove body toxins and negativity. After the closure, I felt more grounded, stronger and assured.  Days later, I was able to make some much needed shifts in life.  While I have had years of healing work, this experience was one of the most impact events and I am excited to see what God will do now.  I am grateful for Cheryl's gifts and her unconditional heart of helping others to reach their full potential physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally." <3 Felicia 


"If you hear a whisper or feel an urge to free yourself of the old or negative so you can experience a more peaceful existence where you are more grounded in your deeper higher self, Cheryl has the tools to assist you in your journey. Cheryl is a loving, generous, dedicated healer whose positivity and skills immediately put you at ease and let you know that you have come to the right place to get a little closer to the blessed person that you are. 

I have benefited from Cheryl's expertise since 2013. She has assisted me with healing by clearing "stuck" energies at all levels starting with a friend who had passed, and progressing through healing via in-person spiritual healings, remote spiritual healings, classes and consultations to protect myself at work, feng shui consulting in my house early on and later clearing and setting the magnetic grid in my house, and so much more. 

Cheryl's knowledge, wisdom and breadth of experience is truly a gift and one that she shares with such compassion and joy. I have incredible gratitude to Cheryl for her discipline and tenacity that has allowed me so many opportunities to heal and grow and come to know myself as the child of God's love that is each person's birthright." Laura Pal


"Cheryl and Sacred-Solutions have been an unexpected blessing in my life. While at first I had no idea what to expect, I kept an open mind. What I have noticed from my healing and cleansing is a mental clarity that I have been seeking for a long time. I cannot go into great detail because it is very personal and private for me. I have noticed a marked difference in my thought patterns. Thank you!!" Bryan


"I've known Cheryl for quite a few years and was always aware of her kind heart and deep concern for humanity. When my adult children were having pretty significant issues and I was at my wit's end, I reached out to Cheryl for help. She performed distance healings on both my children and we witnessed unexplainable changes in them both! 

My husband has become a believer due to the work that Cheryl has done, through the Grace of God, for our family. It's hard to find the words to describe how grateful we are to have someone in our lives that is able to affect such change!" Laura M.


"I have received several healings with Cheryl, and with each one I could feel a real divine cleansing occurring. I felt so much lighter, and yet more grounded after my first session! The abundance of love I felt flooding my body truly amazed me and still does every day! Cheryl definitely has a gift and has been truly a blessing to me throughout my healing journey. Thank you sooo much for doing the work you do! Much love!!! ❤️" Melinda H.


"My medical doctor referred me to Cheryl. I have had many spiritual/shamanic healings with Cheryl. My health, my happiness and my life have all greatly improved. I am so very thankful for that referral and for Cheryl. She is a wonderful healer who has helped me open my heart and heal on many levels." Laura C.


Cheryl and her gifts have been a blessing to myself, my family, our pet and my home.  I have taken advantage of all of her services except the wet shamanic healing. The key is healing.  And that has been occurring for me since I had my first in person healing session in 2014.  It is now 2017 and I am in a much better state of mind than when this journey began." Mary G.


​"My experience with the in person healing was truly one of the most enlightening experiences of my life. Although I was initially very unsure and self conscious, the moment I stepped into the room I knew that this was the best decision I had made.  Throughout the process I felt grounded, free, and hopeful. My healing allowed me to open doors  that I didn't realize were there, guiding me on my spiritual journey. I am so grateful to have undergone this healing."  ~Isabel ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"I have had serious feet problems for 7 years. Tarsal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. I have been on Lyrica for 7 years,  2 to 3 times a day. Could not go with out them until now. I am just amazed that in the past two months I have only taken Lyrica 2 times. I am not doing anything differently except for believing and being open minded.  I am so excited how well I am doing, pray it [remote healing session] continues. Thank you!" -Margaret Howe ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Cheryl, finding you as a healer was a pure blessing. You helped me at all levels when I needed it, as well as my mom's distance healing sessions. The change that the [traditional shamanic] healing brought into my life was a great deal and I really thank you for that. You have a beautiful soul and it reflects on the great work that you provide to all of us. Thank you and love always...Arletty" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Cheryl has so many gifts but one of the most evident is her ability to communicate her craft to anyone at any level of experience and knowledge...She’s amazing to work with one-on-one and also a great group presenter as well! " ~Donna Hetrick


"Cheryl is such a gifted Healer full of light and unconditional love. She goes above and beyond in her healings. Cheryl has done so much for me and she is always there for me if I need her advice. Her inner light will help yours shine!" ~Reyes 


Over lunch one day this past fall, I was sharing with a friend what my family had been experiencing in our home. She insisted I contact Cheryl - at first I was apprehensive but I decided to give her a call. I will never forget our initial conversation, it was the beginning of a spiritual journey and healing for my family. We suspected paranormal activity and the space in the house felt congested and stressed. Each family member experienced different situations and I admit that I tried really hard to find ways to rationalize what was happening. 

With a leap of faith my husband and I decided to follow Cheryl's recommendations and we have never regretted that decision- what an amazing difference it has made in our lives! After the clearing, our home felt peaceful, grounded, and open. My girls noticed the positive changes immediately when they came home from school that day.  We are so thankful for Cheryl and her gifts of healing-"   ~Mary


"Cheryl brings humility, gentle power, and deep reverence for her work, as well as her clients to her healing sessions. She embodies the Sacred Feminine in her beautiful ability to create Sacred Space and Ceremony.  Cheryl has the rare gift of being open to genuinely connect with her client, which results in a powerful healing experience, without feeling intrusive or intimidating. I am grateful for her presence in my life" ~Sharon C. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

"Cheryl, I want you to know that my session with you had a positive impact. I search for words to describe how I felt then and now: What comes to mind is a "lightness of being" . Thank you for sharing your talents with me." ~N. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

"I have had spiritual/shamanic healings from Cheryl. She is kind, caring and spiritually strong. She is a beautiful healing instrument of God and has helped me transform my life for the better." Laura C. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

"As a full time shamanic healer myself I need people around me who can help continue my spiritual growth and keep me free of negativity that can interfere with my work. There are plenty of practitioners in our area who use various methods both bad and good, but Cheryl is one of the very few who I work with. She has integrity, humility, spiritual strength, and is dedicated to serving God and others. She uses methods that are powerful and safe and she practices good spiritual hygiene. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of Shamanic Healing. Thank you Cheryl!" -Robin Thompson (www.mymindbodyspirit.com)



Today, one of my clients shared “What a sweet spirit your house has” I smiled and in my heart gave thanks for Cheryl and the blessing [Remote Home Clearing & Grid Correction] she bestowed on our home. Cheryl radiates a beautiful energy of grounded love. She walks with a kind, thoughtful heart. Her gentle spirit is kind and full of spunk that always brings a smile. Her healings are pure grace that will shower you with goosebumps of love. I have known Cheryl for many years; our paths crossed when she was teaching a Feng Shui class I took. I was immediately drawn in by her knowledge and comforted by her sweetness. Her passion for the highest good shined through her teachings. Years later when we were purchasing a home, I immediately contacted Cheryl for Feng Shui advice. To no surprise, Cheryl has transitioned into a deeper form of work, Shamanic Healing.  The cleansing & blessing she gave our home, not only was a “sweet one” but a true blessing. The first year of moving into a home and a new town can be filled with re-nesting mayhem. I genuinely feel the cleansing & blessing gave me a sense of having my two feet firmly planted on the ground. It comforted me as I began a new phase of life and exploring my new town. 

–Christine Bogdan


"Shortly after Cheryl began the healing for my 17 year old son, I began to notice a difference in his behaivor. It began with an unplanned conversation that brought to surface quite a bit and answered many questions for both of us. During the conversation I felt a calmness and guidance of finding just the right words to say. At first he was resistant, but at the end of it all – he came to me and hugged me. Before the healing, I could barely get a couple of words and he was completely shut down and angry all the time. Over the following couple of weeks, it was like he was coming out of a shell and enjoying life again. He was talking and laughing and seemed to finally be engaged in life again. He also overcame a personal obsticle that he has been dealing with for about a year and we are all relieved. He admitted to me that he feels differently (even though he was not aware of the healing), even more mature and ready to think about his future. His effort and focus has now included school and plans for college. I can’t begin to express my gratitude for the healing, I feel like I have my son back.  However, most importantly, he feels it. I feel that the healing has removed the negative energy that was surrounding him and preventing him to progress in a healthy manner. He told me the other day of how thankful he was I was his mom and that I have always been there for him. Just a few weeks prior, I was the person he turned his anger towards. This has been a life-changing event for not only him, but our entire household."  -Sunnie ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

"Every service I have had from Cheryl is amazing.  She is genuine and has a big heart. You can feel that she truly loves what she does  and it is her soul calling to do this work." ~Angi Elston 


"From the first moment that I knocked on the door, I knew I was in loving hands with Cheryl.  She gave me the space to be able to experience my healing and trust myself, while supporting me with her calming presence.  Throughout my healing I felt open and safe because of her quiet confidence and peaceful setting. Since my healing I have felt more peace and determination then I have felt in many years.  I have found the courage to face a situation that has challenged me for years, and I credit my healing for this. I am filled with gratitude and love for Cheryl.  She remains one of the dearest people in my life."     Jennifer Miller, Holistic Personal Trainer (jenmillercoaching.com) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

“Receiving a healing from Cheryl is the best gift I’ve ever given myself. If you struggle with self-love this can be a life changing experience.  Less stressed, more centered, my sense of joy for life has been renewed. I have been laughing more, having more fun and loving myself more. It is amazing to have an outcome so life changing after such a painless and relatively short session. Cheryl is a gifted healer who is passionate about helping others. I would recommend her to anyone.”-Beth Craig (positiveforcecoaching.com)      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

"I was so very stressed and did not know what else to do. Cheryl did a [distance] healing and soon thereafter I felt inner peace and a profound calm.  Thank you, Cheryl!"-Ann


Cheryl's work with me has been very beneficial. She is a dedicated healer and her refined sensitivities and perception enhance her work."  -Kandra Orr, Certified Eden Energy Practitioner (kandraorr.com) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

“Cheryl goes about her healing work from a completely non judgmental position, with compassion and integrity.” ~Traditional Shamanic Healing Client ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

"I was at a pretty rough point in life and she conducted what she referred to as a spiritual shamanic healing. In a matter of a few weeks I had regained a calmness that I haven't felt in years. I can't quite describe it, but the worries, the fretting...it just sort of went away.  As that happened my energy levels increased, positive things began unfolding and generally I felt at ease and at peace with life. That hadn't been the case for quite some time. It worked on a number of levels." Jim B.


"...After my remote healing last week, I am feeling wonderful! I'm currently [touring a college campus] and I would typically be very anxious and have stomach issues with this kind of thing but I am actually feeling relatively calm...I am just very thankful to not be feeling anxiety going into this today since I used to get anxiety about everything and anything. I would get knots in my stomach on my way to hang out with friends which should be the least stressful thing but it was something that would happen! Now, I'm alone in another state about to go meet people who have a lot of control over where I end up spending my next 5-6 years and I feel excited and hopeful rather than anxiety. It's a nervous excited butterflies in my stomach, not anxiety flurries." K.S.


"After talking to my sister as soon as her in person spiritual healing with Cheryl was over, I knew that I needed to get one. But as sure as I was about it, I still felt some resistance to going and almost backed. Thankfully my sister was just as sure I needed to go and her encouragement helped me. I am an empath and feel everything. As soon as I walked into Cheryl's Zen Cottage I knew I had come to the right place. There was a beautiful, peaceful, and safe feeling that I  instantly felt when I walked thru the door. During the healing Cheryl discovered I had an earthbound spirit attached to me. Following her instructions, I was able to release the earthbound spirit into the light…When all was said and done and Cheryl asked how I felt, I said "FREE!" …in the days following my healing I went thru a lot of emotional releasing and I could feel the old energy leaving me, making room for the new energy to come in. Going to Cheryl for a spiritual healing was the best thing I have ever done for myself. As she performed the healing I could feel God working thru her and I never felt so loved and protected. 

I decided to have a distance healing done on my 11 year old daughter who has emotional issues and has been experiencing pain in her stomach in the solar plexus area. As soon as Cheryl told me the healing had taken place I had already started to see signs. She wakes up in a good mood now, like she used to when she was younger, she wants to be outside in nature more and comments on how peaceful it is, when before the healing she always complained about me needing to be in nature as she thought it was boring. She is very possessive of me and clingy. She hates to be away from me and gets jealous of anyone I give my attention to. Right after the healing she stayed the night away from home and didn't once call me crying to come get her. I could list many other amazing changes since her healing. 

I highly recommend the distance healing for anyone who has children. Especially gifted children, who are highly sensitive, such as my daughter. My sister and I plan on getting one on all of our children, after seeing what it has done for my daughter. 

If you are thinking about getting any kind of healing or service from Cheryl, I promise you will not regret it. It will be the best thing you ever did for the highest good of your life. Cheryl takes no credit and gives it all to God, but she still deserves some for allowing God to work thru her and for always staying in her integrity. Thank you Cheryl!!!!" ~Jamie S.

" Cheryl is amazing, genuine and very caring. She is a blessing! " Carla S

Real Feedback from real customers. Thank you!





 "I own a business that has two different locations.  I was beginning to feel something was “off” in my businesses.  I noticed tension between my staff that had never existed before,  the clients I served were also becoming tense and uptight within my offices,  production had flat lined, and even myself felt like my creativity as a leader was being blocked.  So I asked Cheryl to perform a distant/remote clearing for each of my offices.  Almost immediately it felt there was a different way about my offices.  Before I felt polluted energetically, almost suffocated as I walked thru the office and now its like a fresh air as you walk thru my business. The laughter has returned between coworkers.  Most importantly the financial profitability has increased and my clients are happy once they walk in the door.  Even I feel renewed energetically like coming back from a vacation.  As I said the change was almost instantaneous but over the next several weeks post the clearing the energy of the office continued to improve. “ 


Cheryl Shotwell, Spiritual Shamanic Healing Practitioner, In Person and Remote Session Testimonials

About Cheryl

A full-time Spiritual Shamanic Healing Practitioner at the Advanced Level.   Cheryl provides private sessions in person and also remotely, from a distance. She offers Spiritual Clearing for your home and business to support holistic wellness. She is certified in Spiritual Healing, Shamanic Healing, Home & Business Clearing (with Magnetic Grid), Paranormal Psychology, and Feng Shui. She is an Ordained Minister and Hon. Doctor of Divinity. 

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