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Just a Thought

Love Yourself

 In order to truly live your greatest life you must first love yourself.

You must love yourself before you can fully love others around you and project love out to the world. 

You will only attract people who love themselves as much as you love yourself. That is just how it is. Love yourself more, and you will attract those who love themselves in the same way. Like attracts like. 

You are loved by God exactly as you are.  Still strive to be a better person; learning from your mistakes. Just keep going and stay strong! After all, we each have negative human tendencies and weaknesses. We are human after all!  

But now it's time to let go of those things that no longer serve us.  

Forgive, accept and love yourself. You're doing your best. Forgive others for their own negative tendencies too. What you ask for yourself is what you should give to others right?

You have been put on this earth to be amazing. ❤️ 

May God bless you,


Cheryl Shotwell, Advanced Level Spiritual Shamanic Healer

About Cheryl


Cheryl Shotwell is a full time Spiritual Shamanic Healing Practitioner. She provides private sessions in person and also remotely, from a distance. She offers Spiritual Clearing for your home and business to support holistic wellness. She is certified in Spiritual Healing, Shamanic Healing, Home & Business Clearing (with Magnetic Grid), Paranormal Psychology, and Feng Shui. She is an Ordained Minister and Hon. Doctor of Divinity. 

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