Victor Barron's Spiritual Healing Classes

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Here is your chance to learn Spiritual, Shamanic, and Energy Healing Protocols at the highest level

Victor Barron's Training, Meditations, and Workshops worldwide on Victor's website Feel free to contact me for general information regarding Victor's classes or to hear my own experiences throughout my own personal training journey through 7+ years.. Please call for upcoming local classes and event information.

Healing Meditation with Victor in Virginia: The Virtue of Kindness that Opens Your Heart

Wednesday March 25th    7-9pm

We carry within our persona positive virtues. When we treat ourselves and others with the virtue of kindness we begin to experience a natural high. The energy of kindness is flowing through our persona and those around us begin to feel that energy. We attract better and healthier relationships we have more love for ourselves and others. This is the magic of the virtue of kindness.

This meditation is a spiritual healing. As you sit in meditation Shaman Victor Barron will work as an instrument of God to clear out emotional and negative energies not allowing you to flow with the gift of kindness.

Fee: $35

Private Sessions with Victor in Virginia

Wednesday, March 25, 2020   9:30 AM  5:00 PM  in Fairfax (Green Acres Center 4401 Sideburn Road Fairfax, Virginia)

Victor calls this fifteen minute session a Spiritual Tune-Up or Reclaiming Your Life. 

This session consists of cleansing, repairing and removing negative energies (i.e. thought forms, traumas and phobias, from your chakras and aura). 

Victor also petitions God to allow him to remove any negative spirits and witchcraft and anything that is of God’s will.

Then he performs many different healings for you based on what is God's Will for you at this time.

Afterwards, he will insert your spirit back into your physical body and make sure you’re in the present time of consciousness. Then he gives you a final blessing. 

This healing gives you back your freedom of choice and helps you to heal many areas of your life, as well as grow in consciousness rapidly.

Fee tbd

Healer Training: Intermediate Level 3 (VA/MD/DC)

Thursday, March 26, 2020  9:30 AM  -  Sunday, March 29, 2020  5:00 PM  

Green Acres Center 4401 Sideburn Road Fairfax, VA

The intermediate levels build on top of the basic healer training to bring more personal healing and spiritual growth. They will expand your knowledge so you can deal with many different problems and situations your clients may have.

Days 1-4 of Intermediate 3 focus on learning many healings that build on top of your existing abilities to help your clients spiritually.

You must have completed the basic levels to take the intermediate training.

The fee to register is $792, or you can pay a $100 deposit and bring $692 in cash on the first day of the workshop.


Cheryl's Talks & Classes

Certified in Spiritual & Shamanic Healing, Home & Business Clearing, Feng Shui, Paranormal Psychology, and I am an Ordained Minister.

I have gratefully been interviewed for AAA Magazine, the Free-Lance Star newspaper, and featured twice on fm radio B101.5 for my certified expertise. I have been blessed to present to audiences in many venues over the years. Those who know me will tell you I have a true love of people and consider it an honor to speak to your group. 

I can speak to your audience about Spirituality, Spiritual Shamanic Healing,  House Clearing, Clutter Busting, Creating a Healthy Home, and more. Contact me to check my schedule.

Healer Practice Group

Private Practice for students of the School of Victor Barron

I am grateful for permission to co-host monthly practice groups in Fairfax, Va. It is so important to practice on a regular basis. This helps you to grow spiritually and become a stronger and cleaner instrument yourself.  The Holy Cross, Holy Triangle, incense, charcoal, alcohol spray, candles, rosewater are provided. 

Spirit Removal Practice  Donation

It is so important to practice. You improve as a healer to better help your own clients; as well as stay in integrity if you are starting to charge clients for your services. You also can develop more spiritual strength through regular practices.

Some attending may receive healing throughout the day (but do not rely on this for your own regular healing plan). The protocol is reviewed for you, and there is ample Q & A time with Advanced Level healers. We will pray the Holy Rosary together. Snacks provided, please bring your own drinking water and blessed oil.  Make sure you have prepared for the practice as you would a regular healing day...lemon/oil drink, prayers, proper clothing and bringing your notes and spiritual tools. 


Jan 12 12-4pm

Feb 16 12-4pm

Apr 19 12-4pm

Feel free to Contact me with questions. Robin has created our private group practice FB page with pertinent information including location and dates; and the RSVP function.  This includes last minute practice changes and requests for healing trades from other healers.  RSVP required to attend.

It is your responsibility to practice good spiritual hygiene and have regular spiritual cleansing if you wish to do this work at the highest level. This includes receiving regular private healing sessions from myself or other qualified spiritual healer. Do not rely on practice sessions to maintain your spiritual hygiene. 

Distance Healing Day

I have personally offered this for years as part of my own practice for fellow healers to have a sacred space to do their distance work on a regular basis. The Holy Cross, Holy Triangle, Incense, alcohol, rosewater will be available. The Healing Cottage will be heated or cooled. There is no fee, but a small donation is always welcome to help with expenses.


Bring your own specific supplies for your Traditional Shamanic Candle Healing or Bowl of Life.  


Jan 14, 2020 10am-12noon

Feb 11    10-12noon

Apr 6   10am-12noon

To reserve your spot  contact me


Praying: Need Help Getting Started?

I am available to pray with you in person, over the phone, or via Skype.  This is a good way to learn some of the more popular prayers, or simply to pray together when you need extra strength.  I also have a few prayer references on my Downloadables page for guidance.


About Cheryl

Cheryl Shotwell is a full time Spiritual Shamanic Healing Practitioner (Advanced Level). She provides private sessions in person and also remotely, from a distance. She offers Spiritual Clearing for your home and business to support holistic wellness. She is certified in Spiritual Healing, Shamanic Healing, Home & Business Clearing (with Magnetic Grid), Paranormal Psychology, and Feng Shui. She is an Ordained Minister and Hon. Doctor of Divinity. Read more about Cheryl HERE